Name of Project: Goat Raising as a Source of Sustainable Livelihood for Widows

Brief Description:

Project area is consisted over 04 clusters/village Tardos Tehsil Chachro of District Tharparkar. This area lies in east-south corner of Sindh province and near to Indian border. The area is backward and deprived from many basic facilities. Society is culturally rich, traditional customs are strong and social nomenclature is in process of shift because of hyper changes taking place in nearby areas. Still people respect and women have social status in family but financial management at household level is not done by woman in Thar, even property is not registered in name of women, so we can say society is man dominated.
There are limited or no facilities available, safe drinking water, health and sustainable livelihood are major problems. Being a woman there are 02 opportunities to earn for bread & butter; rain fed agriculture & rearing livestock. Rain fed agriculture is not sustainable because this depends on rain pattern and timing, and this is totally depends upon a person’s energy and potential to work. Old one can’t perform such activities easily because physical work is too much involved. Livestock rearing is easier in terms of time, input and dependency on other factors. In Thar there are less crime in comparison of other parts of country, livestock grazing fields are state property and local people are use too with practices of managing the herds. As a pet animal, goat is survives very well, milk a a food supplement and young goats being sold in cash; that is income source. Sheep is also a pet animal in Thar but milk is not good and enough, and also this is not drought resistant animal, AWARE prefers goat for said project.


A Project Management Committee was formed comprised over 09 persons, to purchase the goats & distribute among target group members

To vaccinate all goats

To get signed and assured that beneficiaries will not sale out the goat (until and unless get older) and get benefit as sustainable source of income

108 goats have been purchased and handed over to targeted widows

Some amount has been saved (from budgeted) and after clearance from donors, same will be spent for same purpose in nearby villages

Duration: Started in January 2008.

Partners: Community & AWARE

Location: 04 clusters of Village Tardos, Tehsil Chachro, District Tharparkar

Funding Source: Philanthropists



Water Aid & Sukar Foundation has aapreciated work of AWARE for working on water sector in Thar especially on cost effective desalination and defluoridation work in backward area.

Nutirtion Kits Provided by Engro Polymer

Engro Polymer has provided nutrition kits for poor people of Thar under its corporate social responsibility. These kits are for growing vegetables at household level. AWARE has installed kists in identified peoples homes (village Charnore & Tardos) in Thar.

Goats for Widows

With support for philinthropists goats will be provided to widows of village Wawri, Tehsil Chachro of Tharparkar. Gaots are being provided as a source of sustainable livelihood.

Medical Study of Flurosis effected Tharis launched on 30 March 2010

Dow Medical University Karachi and AWARE conducted a medical Study of Flurosis effected Tharis and this has been rolled out on on mrach 30 2010 at Dow Medical University Karachi. Scholars had highlight the health affects of contaminated underground water on people of Thar. Mr. Nisar Khuhro Speaker Sindh Assembly presided over the event.

More Windmills for Thar

Support for more 03 windmills has been received. Out these three windmills two will be for drinking water purposes and one for kitchen gardening and efficient irrigation system in Thar. The support has been extended by three philanthropists.

Livelihood for Poor Thari

For support of a group of poorer of poor AWARE has received an amount of Rs.50,000/= from philanthropist. The amount will be utilized for purchasing hens/chickens for a group of 10 people and also 10 nutrition kits are proposed to provide for growing vegetables in backyard of home.

Relief Activities for Fire Victims

AWARE Disaster Response Team mobilized resources for fire victims of village Charnore, Tehsil Chachro. Food items, bedding and crockery has been provided to victims. On call of AWARE handsome amount in cash has been recievd and that will be utilized for rehabilitation purposes. With support of AWARE, newspapers and TV channels reported the incident. AWARE Team also conducted assessment of damages.