Executive Director's Message

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Association for Water, applied Education & Renewable Energy (AWARE), is working in Tharparkar, Umerkot, Sanghar, Badin and Tadno Muhammad Khan Districts in Sindh province of Pakistan, Tharparkar district comprises on Thar desert, majority of the residents of this area are economically backward but they are rich in hospitality peace and religious and cultural harmony. crime rate in the area 2-3% which is minuscule in the comparison of the other parts of Sindh, Pakistan. But the working focused areas has been lagging behind and vehicle of development has left them too far behind; access to education is being denied to majority of the villages for decades, safe water the basic ingredients of life is not available to majority of the village and they are compelled to consume, highly contaminated and brackish water from deep dug wells, where 4 to 6 members of a family have to spent 2 to 5 hours to drag water from these wells also using animals like, donkeys or camel. In some area high content of fluoride in underground water has paralyzed large number residents of villagers Samo Rind. AWARE is working in such conditions and is contributing through its limited resources to alleviates the hardships of the communities. AWARE for the first time introduced solar energy in the area to make life easier, thanks to innovative solar energy uses, now large numbers of villages have access to tap water in their homes, homes are illuminated where children study and women do handicrafts

The superstition is common and people take easily curable diseases as attack of evil spirit; a married young woman in one village was tied in tree outside village with chains and AWARE female social Mobilizer saw her crying and blood from her body due to tying of chains oozing. AWARE after lot of hackling and risk from reluctant family members took her to Karachi city, she was diagnosed and treatment was successful. Today the women is leading a normal healthy life; AWARE is working in such conditions

Residents took child marriage and violence against women and girl as normal practice continued for centuries but AWARE stepped in to talk with the communities. And now the sensitized community activists have resolved to prevent such practice through role plays, dowry incentive and host of innovated ways planned and applied.

AWARE is also advocating for the rights of marginalized groups deprived from their share of irrigation water; responding to drought conditions by building the capacity of the communities to face climate change challenges; the farmers have started kitchen gardening, and other climate change resilient crops

AWARE is spreading the light of education in District Umerkot and Tharparkar, particularly y to children belonging to marginalized communities. At present AWARE is running 43 schools (3 elementary, 3 high schools, 7 middle schools and 30 primary schools) in previously neglected areas of Umerkot and Tharparkar Districts. The education imparted is not traditional, but innovative child centered, activity based learning. AWARE teaching and monitoring and capacity building team works hard to introduce workable solution and value additions suitable to local conditions. Committed AWARE team, its learned and experienced BODs, AWARE supporters at local, national and international level have made possible for AWARE to walk its talk and bring improvement in the lives of communities while working along with them, we are thankful to all for encouraging and supporting AWARE in the cause of the communities, readers can see details of above mention and more initiatives on this website and comments and suggestions are welcome for bringing more improvement in this website and our overall work.

Best Regards
Ali Akbar Rahimoo